The New England VegFest is a free festival that brings the local community together to celebrate vegetarianism: an animal-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. The VegFest began in 2010 as the Worcester VegFest. We've grown to encompass all of New England, reaching thousands and thousands of people in the process.

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Thousands of

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VegFest Attendees by the Numbers

attendees in 2012
attendees in 2013
attendees in 2014
attendees in 2015-16

Why Participate?

  • Reach new customers and connect with your base
  • Build relationships with other businesses
  • Put your message in front of a diverse crowd of thousands
  • Connect with a dedicated community of like-minded people
  • Build a following for your brand

VegFest Attendees Are:

  • Young: Two-thirds of attendees are between ages 18-45.
  • Motivated: Most travel 20-80 miles to attend.
  • Environmentally Aware: Attendees are interested in brands that help create positive change.
  • Health-conscious: They prefer healthy foods and organic products.
  • Open-minded, early adopters: They are eager try and purchase new products, tell their friends, and use social media.
  • Active: They support organizations & make donations.
  • Not just Vegan: Between 40-55% of attendees are omnivores or consume some animal products.

As someone who has spoken at-and attended-many vegetarian festivals throughout the United States, I've come to see the New England VegFest as one of the best in the country...the fest is always so well-attended, well-organized, and it teems with high-quality vendors and speakers."

-Jon Camp, The Humane League

Standard Exhibitor Space

A single booth space for any business, restaurant, or organization.

Food Truck Space

A single extended booth space to fit a food truck.
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