• Join Our Vegan Food Line-up at Pet Rock Fest 2017


    VegWorcester is teaming up with our friends at Pet Rock Fest, an annual festival that promotes kindness to animals and responsible pet ownership. Held in September each year, Pet Rock Fest is a family-friendly outdoor festival that features guest speakers, delicious food, live music, games, events, a raffle, vendors, and hundreds of area animal welfare organizations.

    Naturally, VegWorcester will be organizing all the food! Apply to be a part of our 100% vegan line-up of amazing food vendors. Spots are limited so register soon!

    Sunday September 10, 2017
    at the grounds at Wyman-Gordon
    North Grafton, MA

    Fill out basic info about your company or organization and pay with any major credit- or debit card.

    If you have questions don't hesitate to contact Nicole Melone, lead organizer: [email protected]
  • Booth spaces are $300
    Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, tents and tent weights.
  • Your Information

  • Make sure to use http:// or https:// when putting in your website's URL. If you do not have a website please link to facebook or a similar site that shows examples of your products or services.
  • New England VegFest 2018 Sponsorship

    New England VegFest 2018 may seem far off, but we will be booking sponsors soon, Pet Rock Fest Food Vendors are eligible for a special discount on NEVF Sponsorships
  • Payment Information

  • American Express
  • (if you have a promotional code or referral code, use it here)
  • Exhibitor Agreement

    1. This contract for participation in Pet Rock Fest shall not become binding by the Exhibitor and VegWorcester until the application has been signed by VegWorcester and written confirmation has been sent to you via mail or e-mail.
    2. Exhibitors shall be responsible for the setup, breakdown, and cleanup of their exhibit. Garbage and recycling containers shall be provided; all refuse must be placed in the appropriate containers. A $50 cleaning fee may be charged for exhibition spaces not left clean, as determined by VegWorcester.
    3. Booth setup may begin two hours before the event's public start time, and Exhibitors should be finished with setup 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. Exhibitors who do not arrive within their assigned setup time may not be admitted to Pet Rock Fest.
    4. Exhibitors must remain at their exhibition space from the start of the event until the end. Exhibitors must vacate the premises no later than one hour after the end of the event. Failure to do so may result in the Exhibitor for any additional costs incurred.
    5. All Exhibitors must have signage clearly identifying the name of their business or organization.
    6. Exhibit space may not be shared or sublet without the express written consent of VegWorcester.
    7. Exhibitors and Sponsors agree to make no claim for any reason against VegWorcester, our volunteers, or our venue for lost, stolen, or damaged goods, nor any injury to themselves, their employees or volunteers, or event attendees. Exhibitors and Sponsors agree to indemnify event coordinators, VegWorcester, and the host venue against litigation and hold themselves harmless for any liability arising out of the exhibitor or sponsor's participation in the event. Exhibitors and sponsors agree to accept full responsibility for any such loss, theft, or damage of goods, or injury caused or experienced by the exhibitor or sponsor.
    8. In order to distribute or sell prepared foods, the exhibitor muse first be approved by VegWorcester as a food vendor. All food vendors are responsible for getting any required food or health permits.
    9. No Exhibitor shall exhibit any merchandise or service other than those specified in the application. All product displays, literature, or other materials muse meet VegWorcester's guidelines as described in item 10, and are subject to VegWorcester's approval.
    10. All products sold, offered, or advertised at the event must be Vegan (containing no animal products or byproducts of any kind). Non-food items should not be tested on animals, and should be free of animal derivatives such as fur, leather, silk, lanolin, gelatin, etc. Books and literature may not promote the use of any animal products.
    11. Selling or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
    12. Should any contingency interrupt or prevent the holding of the event, VegWorcester shall in no way be liable to the Exhibitor or Sponsor. Registration fees are non-refundable, as they are used to cover the cost of the event venue, liability insurance, etc.
    13. Exhibit space not occupied by the end of the setup time will be considered a no-show, and the space will be deemed forfeited. The space may be reassigned or used by VegWorcester without notice. Set up times will be sent out by event organizers prior to the event.
    14. The Exhibitor / Sponsor shall not (a) commit any nuisance; (b) cause any unusual smoke or odor to emanate from their space; (c) do anything which would interfere with the effectiveness of any utility of Pet Rock Fest, nor interfere with free access or passage to the facilities of the Pet Rock Fest; (d) interfere with the effectiveness or accessibility to the electricity; (e) do or permit to be done any act which might invalidate any insurance policy carried by VegWorcester or our venue.
    15. Failure of the Exhibitor / Sponsor to comply in any respect with the terms, conditions, rules, or regulations of this agreement shall result in the termination of the rights of the Exhibitor / Sponsor.
    16. VegWorcester reserves the right to restrict exhibits to a maximum noise level and to suitable methods of operation and display. VegWorcester shall have the final decision as to what constitutes a proper exhibit and such decision shall be final and binding. If for any reason any exhibit or its contents are deemed objectionable by VegWorcester, the exhibit may be moved or removed. This provision includes persons, things, conduct, printed materials, or any item or attire that VegWorcester may consider objectionable to VegFest's intent. VegWorcester further reserves the right to relocate exhibits when such relocation is necessary to maintain the character and/or good order of Pet Rock Fest.
    17. Returned checks are subject to a $35 penalty fee.
    18. VegWorcester reserves the right to decline any application at its discretion.
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